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Vision Systems
for Industrial

Vision Systems for Industrial Applications

FADI-IMS is focused on the implementation of industrial vision systems (cameras) into a wide array of industrial and scientific applications. We integrate hardware (cameras and sensors) and develop the software tools to control hardware, acquire images and data, and then process the images to extract position, motion and deformation information! Through a network of three offices, we provide fully integrated systems, we develop custom systems and software tools, and we offer services!

What We Provide

FADI-IMS Services
More about our Services

FADI-IMS performs a wide range of in-house and field services to satisfy the metrological needs of our customers.

  • Material & Component Testing
  • Motion & deformation tracking services
  • 3D scanning services
  • Field photogrammetry services
  • CAD reconstruction in support of “Reverse Engineering
  • Geometrical inspection services

FADI-IMS Software
More about our Software

We offer a wide range of software solutions and software services to support our clients with their metrology needs.

  • Custom Vision Systems Software
  • GOM Inspect Pro
  • GOM Blade Inspect Pro
  • GOM Volume Inspect Pro
  • GOM Correlate Pro
  • Zeiss Reverse Engineering
  • Geomagic Design X

FADI-IMS Systems
More about our Systems

Strong partnerships with Global Metrology Systems Manufacturers enables FADI-IMS to supply industrial enterprises and research institutions with state-of-the-art systems.

  • 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry systems (manual and automated)
  • Non-Contact Motion Tracking & Deformation Systems
  • Industrial cameras and High-Speed cameras
  • Integrated Material Testing Systems
  • 3D Computed Tomography Systems

Our Locations

Our offices share responsibilities across the spectrum to serve the different regions, but each is taking the lead in particular areas …

IMS-Locations-USA More about


Operating as FADI-AMT, this is the lead office for all technical services in support of material testing, deformation evaluation and motion tracking. This is also the central office for hardware development and integration of all custom systems!

IMS-Locations-Jordan More about
FADI-IMS in Jordan


This is our largest office and the lead office for all Software development, maintenance, and support activities... covering vision systems hardware control, image processing, object recognition, engineering analysis, data management & Artificial Intelligence.

IMS-Locations-UAE More about


This is our lead office for all system sales in the Middle East, with focus on 3D scanning solutions to serve quality control in production sectors as well as reverse engineering in maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO) sectors.

Our Applications

Material Testing Application, FADI-IMS


Material Deformation Application, FADI-IMS


Image Processing Software Application, FADI-IMS

Image Processing

Motion Tracking Application, FADI-IMS


3D Scanning & Photogrammetry Application, FADI-IMS

3D Scanning & Photogrammetry

Our Services


Metrology Services.

3D Scanning of parts & components, post-processing of scanning data for reverse engineering & fabrication, photogrammetry of, material & component deformation and motion tracking measurements, and any other related OnSite Service.


Software and Analysis.

Dedicated software for post-processing of scanning data (for reverse engineering applications), inspection of parts & components (for quality control), digital image correlation (for evaluation of material deformation).


Mechanical Testing.

With significant expertise in material & component testing, and a long history of integration with digital image correlation and optical metrology sensors, we offer a wide range of standard as well as custom tests that serve many industries.


Other Services.

Site evaluation and consultation, Metrology System selection to fit your needs, system installation, training, technical support, system upgrades, maintenance and repair.

The Technologies We Bring to You


Blue Light 3D Scanning2-FADI-IMS

Blue Light 3D Scanning

GOM ATOS Optical 3D scanners using structured blue light provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speeds!

Automated Scanning & Inspection

Robotized ATOS ScanBoxes for automated scanning and inspection to meet the demands of high production and high precision environments.


Component Motion Tracking-FADI-IMS

Component Motion Tracking

Our optical sensors replace hundreds of position sensors & accelerometers without compromising precision … The best part is being “non-contact”!

Material Deformation Measurements

Our optical sensors enable full-field deformation analysis of materials and components through the principles of digital image correlation (DIC)... Materials R&D efforts are completely transformed with our DIC systems.


Sheet Metal Forming Analysis-FADI-IMS

Sheet Metal Forming Analysis

GOM ARGUS Photogrammetry provides a fast and reliable forming analysis for the evaluation of sheet metal components.


Portable Coordinate Measurements

With GOM TRITOP, traditional tactile measurements are replaced by non-contact measurements with a highly portable system … the bonus is much larger scales of measurements are now feasible!




GOM Inspect Pro… a very powerful software for processing scanning data, mesh editing, inspection, CAD importing, GD&T analysis, and more


GOM Correlate Pro is world leading digital image correlation (DIC) software for constructing the history of material deformation & failure.

Selected Clients

FADI-AMT-Clients-Aditya-Birla-Group FADI-AMT-Clients-Apple FADI-IMS-Clients-Ansaldo_Energia FADI-AMT-Clients-BMW2 FADI-IMS-Clients-Darteck FADI-IMS-Clients-Ethos_Energy FADI-AMT-Clients-General-Motors FADI-IMS-Clients-General-Electric FADI-IMS-Clients-Ksb FADI-IMS-Clients-Mecklenburger_Metallguss_Gmbh FADI-AMT-Clients-NIO FADI-AMT-Clients-Nucor FADI-IMS-Clients-NOV FADI-AMT-Clients-SDI-SteelDynamics-Inc FADI-IMS-Clients-Siemense FADI-IMS-Clients-Supermax FADI-AMT-Clients-Tenigal FADI-AMT-Clients-UnitedStatesSteel.webp

Do you have interest in the State-of-the-Art 3D Scanning? Photogrammetry? Component Deformation? or Motion Tracking?

Send us an email or call us and we will be happy to discuss your application & support you.

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