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About Us


Who We Are

FADI-IMS is focused on supplying the state-of-the-art industrial metrology systems and all related services to the Middle East. Strong partnerships with GOM GmbH and other Manufacturers enables FADI-IMS to support industrial enterprises & research institutions in the Middle East with the latest generations of German Engineered precision 3D scanning & inspection systems.

The wide range of industrial metrology systems that we supply covers: 3D blue light optical scanning systems, photogrammetry systems, non-contact deformation measurement systems, optical motion tracking & probing systems, integrated material testing systems, 3D computer tomography scanning systems, high speed videography systems.

In addition to supplying metrology systems, FADI-IMS performs 3D scanning, photogrammetry and deformation tracking services at customer sites for reverse engineering and inspection purposes.

What We offer

What We Offer-FADI-IMS

Digitization, Photogrammetry & Automation

  • Sales of GOM metrology systems, inspection software & automation solutions
  • Installation, training and support services for metrology systems & software
  • Onsite 3D scanning and photogrammetry services (for quality control & reverse engineering)
  • Processing of raw scanning data and support of reverse engineering practices
  • Deformation & Motion Tracking

  • Sales of GOM deformation systems as well as integrated material/component testing solutions
  • Onsite deformation and tracking services (for research & development)
  • Processing of deformation and motion tracking data [ARAMIS DIC Data] (support modeling, FEA, and R&D activities)
  • Consultation services
  • Competence


    The team at FADI-IMS has a significant technical background in “the principles of optical metrology and image correlation” coupled with good practical experience in many fields of application.

    We are passionate about bringing the latest technology advancements in “Optical Metrology” to help promote and grow the industrial, energy, medical and academic sectors in the Middle East.

    We do not simply sell and service optical metrology systems; rather we focus on understanding the application of our customer and then orchestrate the right metrology systems and accessories, and couple it with the appropriate training and support to maximize the benefits of integrating this technology into the customer’s workflow.



    After over 14 years of education, teaching, research and development activities at different institutions (University of Kentucky, Penn State University, Clemson University-International Center for Automotive Research), coupled with rich interaction with the automotive and aerospace sectors, FADI established the first start-up in the USA in March 2016.

    FADI-AMT started with a vision and a passion for taking material and component testing to the next level by fully utilizing the capabilities of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Optical Metrology.

    Now we expand on earlier experiences, and FADI-IMS partners with GOM GmbH and other Manufacturers to bring the “optical metrology revolution” and all its great potentials to the Middle East.