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FADI-IMS Software

Scanning and Inspection Software

GOM Inspect Suite-FADI-IMS

GOM Inspect Pro

(2020 Release …)
The “GOM Inspect Pro” is a very powerful software for scanning 3D point cloud data processing, mesh editing, part inspection, comparative analysis and series reporting … GOM Inspect is integrated with GOM scanning systems, but can be used in a stand-alone mode for processing data from other scanners

GOM-Correlate-volume inspect-FADI-IMS

GOM Volume Inspect Pro

(Complete CT data analysis in 3D!)
The GOM Volume Inspect Pro with its innovative 3D volume renderer and a 3D visualization of all cross-sectional images allows you to look inside your part and analyze geometries, voids or internal structures and assembly situations. With the intuitive operation and high performance, CT data analysis has never been easier!


GOM Blade Inspect Pro

(Our solution for an industry with high standards)
The software features analysis tools that were tailor-made for the aerospace industry. Extensive know-how - e.g. in the fields of aerodynamic profiles or structural parts - has been incorporated into the software design. With GOM Blade Inspect Pro you will be even more efficient: workflows take less time, the active parametric kernel supports all the repetitive processes you want to automate.

Digital Image Correlation Software


GOM Correlate Pro

Flexible. Efficient. Automated.
“GOM Correlate Pro" is a very powerful software for correlating images of objects under deformation or in motion … using the principles of “Digital Image Correlation _ DIC”, GOM Correlate Professional provides accurate quantification of strains, displacements, velocities and accelerations … over full 3D fields as well as at limitless discrete points!

Scanbox Series8-FADI-IMS

Image Acquisition

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