OnSite Metrology Services...

3D Scanning of parts & components, post-processing of scanning data for reverse engineering & fabrication, photogrammetry of, material & component deformation and motion tracking measurements, and any other custom solution you require as an onsite service...
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3D Scanning

We support all 3D scanning services with a comprehensive range of advanced metrology systems for full inspection, photogrammetry, deformation & motion tracking … Covering a wide range of applications (transportation, energy, manufacturing & medical).

FADI-IMS Photogrammetry TRITOP


A Complete 3D measuring Service with minimum hardware requirements, no touching for the object, and a very high accuracy also for large objects. We use TRITOP to perform this service.


Testing / Motion Tracking

The Testing Systems comprises sensors for dynamic measurements of 3D coordinates, 3D displacements and 3D surface strain. Based on triangulation, the systems provide precise 3D coordinates for full-field and point-based measurements.

FADI-IMS-Services-Custome Solutions

Costum Solutions

Custom 3D scanning & inspection solutions for the industrial sector. Plus, Specialized material/component testing solutions for academic, government & R&D centers.

Other OnSite Services...

Site evaluation and consultation, Metrology System selection to fit your needs, system installation, training, technical support, system upgrades, maintenance and repair.
FADI-IMS Consultations


We can help you implement advanced metrology systems & sensors in your application, provide solutions to production problems, and suggest improvements & optimum practices to maximize output or improve quality.

FADI-IMS Training & Support

Training & Support

OnSite and online training for all systems & software, post installation hardware & software support, maintenance programs, dedicated training programs for large groups and academic institutions.

FADI-IMS Systems Installation

Systems Installation

FADI-IMS Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

FADI-IMS System Upgrades

System Upgrades

Software and Analysis...

Dedicated software for post-processing of scanning data (for reverse engineering applications), inspection of parts & components (for quality control), digital image correlation (for evaluation of material deformation).
FADI-IMS Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Analysis

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Analysis

FADI-IMS Inspection Services

Inspection Services

FADI-IMS Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Have Interest in the State-of-the-Art 3D Scanning? Photogrammetry? Component Deformation? or Motion Tracking? …

Send us an email or call us and we will be happy to discuss your application & support you.

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