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FADI-IMS Software
FADI-IMS Software
FADI-IMS Software
FADI-IMS Software
FADI-IMS Software
FADI-IMS Software

GOM Inspect Pro

(2021 Release …)

The “GOM Inspect Pro” is a very powerful software for scanning 3D point cloud data processing, mesh editing, part inspection, comparative analysis and series reporting … GOM Inspect is integrated with GOM scanning systems, but can be used in a stand-alone mode for processing data from other scanners.

Features & Capabilities

GOM Inspect Pro

Mesh Editing

Create polygon meshes from point clouds, smooth & thin & refine polygon meshes, fill holes in the polygon mesh, and extract curvature lines.

Polygonised meshes can be saved in common formats like STL, G3D, JT Open, ASCII or PLY; beyond visualization, these meshes can be directly sent as .STL files for 3D printing or reverse engineering, or they can be further evaluated for nominal-actual comparisons and detailed inspections.

CAD Importing

With GOM Inspect Pro, multiple CAD formats such as IGES, JT Open, STEP, CATIA, NX, Solidworks, Pro/E and more can be imported.

Simply by drag & drop!

GOM Inspect Pro
GOM Inspect Pro

Versatile Inspection

The GOM Inspect Pro offers very versatile and detailed inspection functions

  • Alignment Functions
  • Nominal-to-Actual Comparison
  • Surface Inspection
  • Blade/Airfoil Inspection
  • Curve Inspection
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

Parametric Software

The GOM Inspect Pro automatically saves each individual inspection step: all work steps are traceable, repeatable and editable!

There is no need to create a new measuring plan for another part from the series; with the parametric concept you simply load new measuring data into your project and get the results immediately!

GOM Inspect Pro
GOM Inspect Pro


The GOM Inspect Pro allows you to create reports with snapshots, images, tables, diagrams, text and graphics.

You can present directly using the presentation mode of the GOM Inspect Pro, or simply export your reports as PDF documents!

Python Scripting

The GOM Inspect Pro comes with a command recorder that can capture all operations performed in the software and then save this recording as a Python script (so you can still create scripts even if you are not experienced with python scripting!)

You can execute the commands repeatedly, and you can edit recorded scripts to adapt them to other tasks. This includes recording recurring constructions and then executing them. You can edit or extend these command sequences by additional computations or dialogs.

GOM Inspect Pro

The Latest GOM Inspect Pro Release is Now Available
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Highlights of the latest Release

This release of “GOM Inspect Pro” offers many new features and simplifies your work process even more. The default solution for 3D inspection maps the entire workflow in a unified user experience and now also allows you to scan your parts in the software. You will find further innovations of the software in the topics GD&T, digital assembly, blade inspection, volume inspection and virtual clamping.


Improved Workflow

Photogrammetry, scanning, inspection and reporting from one source - complete all steps in one software with the GOM Inspect Pro.



GOM Inspect Pro provides inspection and visualization of form and position tolerances in accordance with ISO standards.

Volume Inspection-FADI-IMS

Volume Inspection

With GOM Volume Inspect you can look inside your part and analyze geometries, voids or internal structures and assembly situations.

Blade Inspection-FADI-IMS

Blade Inspection

GOM Inspect Pro offers specific inspections to the aerospace industry … for example for blisks, an inspection for one blade can be automatically repeated over any number of blades on the blisk.

Virtual Clamping-FADI-IMS

Virtual Clamping

With Virtual Clamping you can reduce costs for fixtures. The multiple design and production of fixtures for individual process steps is eliminated.

Digital Assembly-FADI-IMS

Digital Assembly

The GOM Inspect Pro allows you to digitally assemble individual components and check their compatibility regardless of where they were produced.

Virtual Measuring Room (VMR)

The virtual measuring room (VMR) of the GOM Inspect Pro is a specific module for ATOS Scanboxes and Scancobots; it allows you to plan and execute automatic measuring sequences without special robot knowledge.
The Smart Teach function in the VMR calculates the required sensor positions for all inspection characteristics and CAD surfaces. With the Kiosk Interface, the software takes over the entire process control and automatically carries out the measuring and inspection processes. VMR consists of a robot with one sensor, the programming, including the kinematics of the robot paths, the part and the measurement plan. The VMR enables automatic measuring procedures to be executed. All robot movements are simulated in the virtual measuring room before execution and checked for safety.

FADI-IMS Software

Abundance of Resources for Training on the GOM Inspect Pro!

Visit GOM YouTube channel for video tutorials and example projects
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Standard Versus Professional Features

The “GOM Inspect Pro” is free to download and use with standard features …
The “professional” module offers all the powerful capabilities of the software …

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